Okami - Yuka's Mother 1
Yuka's Mother
(由香の母) is an unscrupulous woman in the first chapter of the first volume of the 1985 dark comedy manga "The Rapeman" as well as in the first story of the original video animation of the same name.

Yuka's mother* hires protagonist and anti-hero Keisuke Uwasaki to sexually violate her daughter, giving the excuse that the girl is only attracted to useless men. She schedules the attack to happen on a specific night at their apartment when she and Yuka's father (who is unaware of this plot) will be away. A mistake forces the couple to return to the residence earlier than expected, but nevertheless, Keisuke succeeds in his dark mission. Entering Yuka's room, her mother feigns surprise and appears to console her. However, in a phonecall to Keisuke's uncle/job finder, the woman reveals that she was only interested in getting Masazen - the man that Yuka falls for after her experience - into the family, and even laughs about it before hanging up.

  • In a fansub of the OVA, it is mentioned that she is, in fact, Yuka's stepmother.
Okami - Yuka's Mother 2

With Yuka's father.

Okami - Yuka's Mother 3

Exiting the apartment...

Okami - Yuka's Mother 7

...she believes her plan to have gone off without a hitch.

Okami - Yuka's Mother 6

Attempting to comfort Yuka during the aftermath...

Okami - Yuka's Mother 4

...but the expression on her face reveals all.

Okami - Yuka's Mother 5

Finalizing the arrangement the following day.

Okami - Yuka's Mother 08

From the manga.

Okami - Yuka's Mother 09
Okami - Yuka's Mother 10