The female regular enemies and non-story bosses encountered in the 2015 PC sidesrcoller game Akumajou Succubus" (悪魔城サキュバス) by developer Libra Heart are listed below. The game is a takeoff of the Famicom game Akumajou Densetsu (悪魔城伝説) and other oldschool entries in the Akumajou Dracula series.


Stone WomanEdit

Encountered as the boss of the first stage.

Stone Woman 1 Akumajou Succubus

Swamp QueenEdit

Encountered as the boss of the second stage.

Swamp Queen 1 Akumajou Succubus


Encountered as the boss of the third stage.

Undine 1 Akumajou Succubus


Encountered as the boss of the fourth stage.

Sphinx 1 Akumajou Succubus


Encountered as the boss of the fifth stage.

Dryad 1 Akumajou Succubus

Black Harpy and Yellow HarpyEdit

Encountered as mid-bosses of the fifth stage.

Black and Yellow Harpy 1 Akumajou Succubus


Encountered as a regular enemy in the later stages.

Statue 1 Akumajou Succubus

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