Listed below, are the female regular enemies encountered in "Final Fantasy V" (ファイナルファンタジーV), a fantasy RPG developed for the Super Famicom in 1992 by Squaresoft. The story revolves around a group of four warriors who fight to protect the magic crystals of their world from an ancient evil.

Lower resolution sprites are of the GameBoy Advance enhanced port, while the higher resolution are from the IOS remake.

Alchymia (アルキュミア) and Zephyr Zone (ゼファーゾーン)Edit

Alchymia 1 FFV


Zephyr Zone 1 FFV

Zephyr Zone

Alchymia 2 FFV

Encountered in Istory Falls.

Zephyr Zone 2 FFV

Encountered in the Pyramid.

Chamcubia (チャムキュビア) and Silvune (シルビューヌ)Edit

Chamcubia 1 FFV


Silvune 1 FFV


Chamcubia 2 FFV

Encountered in the Phoenix Tower.

Silvune 2 FFV

Encountered in the Outer Seas of World 3.

Cherie (シェリー)Edit

Cherie 1 FFV


Cherie 2 FFV

Encountered in the Phoenix Tower.

Lamia (ラミア), Bland Lamia (ブランドラミア), Komusa Bera (コムサ ベラ), and Medusa (メデューサ)Edit

Lamia 1 FFV


Bland Lamia 1 FFV

Bland Lamia

Lamia 2 FFV

Encountered in the Ronka Ruins.

Bland Lamia 2 FFV

Encountered in the Pyramid.

Komusa Bera 1 FFV

Kosuma Bera

Medusa 1 FFV


Komusa Bera 2 FFV

Encountered in Phoenix Tower.

Medusa 2 FFV

Encountered in Tomb of Memory - Incubi's Path.

Mykale (ミュカレ) and Traveler (トラベラー)Edit

Mykale 1 FFV


Traveler 1 FFV


Mykale 2 FFV

Encountered on the overworld.

Traveler 2 FFV

Encountered in Barrier Tower.

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