Listed below, are the female regular enemies encountered in "Genso Suikoden III" (幻想水滸伝III), a fantasy RPG developed for the Playstation in 2002 by Konami. 

Empusa (エムプーサ)Edit

Empusa 1 Suikoden 3
From the (in-game) Old Book Vol. 11: "Winged humanoid. Attacks with arrows of light and by summoning shadows to inflict damage."

Renamed to Azzodess in the English version, it is both a treasure boss at the Flame Champion's Hideaway and a regular enemy at the Ceremonial Site. 

Empusa 2 Suikoden 3

At the Flame Champion's Hideaway.

Banshee (バンシー)Edit

Banshee 1 Suikoden 3
From the (in-game) Old Book Vol. 11: "The lower body of a fish, the upper body of a humanoid. Holds lyre. Orange. Sleep magic and Water Rune attacks."

Appears in the North Cavern and the underground passage at Brass Castle.

Banshee 2 Suikoden 3

Hiiragi no Sei (ひいらぎのせい)Edit

Holly Elf 1 Suikoden 3
From the (in-game) Old Book Vol. 11: "Red-winged humanoid sprite. Strikes with a baton and calls on holly leaves to make focused attack."

Appears in Zexen Forest. Renamed to "Holly Elf" in the English version.

Target Lady (ターゲットレディ)Edit

Target Lady 1 Suikoden 3
Appears in the Flame Champion's Hideaway.
Target Lady 2 Suikoden 3

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