Regular Enemies 1 Princess Minerva

Official enemy artwork

Listed below, are the female regular enemies (A through G) encountered in "Princess Minerva" 
(プリンセス・ミネルバ), a 1994 PC Engine CD fantasy RPG by Red Company.

Regular Enemies H-P

Regular Enemies Q-Y

Amazoness (アマゾネス)Edit

AmazonA PM
AmazonB PM

Amazoness 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Amazoness 2 Princess Minerva

Bastet (バステト)Edit

BastetA PM
BastetB PM

Berserker (バーサーカー)Edit

BerserkerA PM
BerserkerB PM

Berserker 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Berserker 2 Princess Minerva

Big Bear (ビッグベア)Edit

BigBearA PM
BigBearB PM

Big Jersey (ビッグジャージー)Edit

BigJerseyA PM
BigJerseyB PM

Black Angel (ブラックエンジェル)Edit

BlackAngelA PM
BlackAngelB PM

Black Knight (ブラックナイト)Edit

BlackKnightA PM
BlackKnightB PM

Bondage M (ボンテージM)Edit

BondageMA PM
BondageMB PM

Bondage S (ボンテージS)Edit

BondageSA PM
BondageSB PM

Carmilla (カーミラ)Edit

CarmillaA PM
CarmillaB PM

Carmilla Countess (カーミラカウンテス)Edit

CarmillaCountessA PM
CarmillaCountessB PM

Centauros (ケンタウロス)Edit

CentaurosA PM
CentaurosB PM

Cherry Slime (チェリースライム)Edit

CherrySlimeA PM
CherrySlimeB PM

Chimera (キマイラ)Edit

ChimeraA PM
ChimeraB PM

Cyclops (サイクロプス)Edit

CyclopsA PM
CyclopsB PM

Dance Macabre (ダンスマケイブル)Edit

DanceMacabreA PM
DanceMacabreB PM

Dark Elf (ダークエルフ)Edit

DarkElfA PM
DarkElfB PM


DarknessA PM
DarknessB PM

Death (デス)Edit

DeathA PM
DeathB PM

Desert Drago (デザートドラゴ)Edit

DesertDragoA PM
DesertDragoB PM

Desert Drago 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Desert Drago 2 Princess Minerva

Dragon Girl (ドラゴンガール)Edit

DragonGirlA PM
DragonGirlB PM

Dragon Girl Z (ドラゴンガールZ)Edit

DragonGirlZA PM
DragonGirlZB PM

Dragon Girl ZZ (ドラゴンガールZZ)Edit

DragonGirlZZA PM
DragonGirlZZB PM

Dryad (ドリュアド)Edit

DryadA PM
DryadB PM

Dryad Queen (ドリュアドクイーン)Edit

DryadQueenA PM
DryadQueenB PM

Dullahan (デュラハン)Edit

DullahanA PM
DullahanB PM

Ecstasy (エクスタシア)Edit

EcstasyA PM
EcstasyB PM

Elk Serpent (エリクサーペント)Edit

ElkSerpentA PM
ElkSerpentB PM

Falcon (ファルケン)Edit

FalconA PM
FalconB PM

Falcon 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Falcon 2 Princess Minerva

Fighter (ファイター)Edit

FighterA PM
FighterB PM

Flame Knight (フレイムナイト)Edit

FlameKnightA PM
FlameKnightB PM

Freezer Knight (フリージアナイト)Edit

FreezerKnightA PM
FreezerKnightB PM

Gandharva (ガンダルヴァ)Edit

GandharvaA PM
GandharvaB PM

Gargoyle (ガーゴイル)Edit

GargoyleA PM
GargoyleB PM

Gargoyle 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Gargoyle 2 Princess Minerva

German (ジャーマン)Edit

GermanA PM
GermanB PM

Ghost (ゴースト)Edit

GhostA PM
GhostB PM

Ghoul (グール)Edit

GhoulA PM
GhoulB PM

Gigant (ギガント)Edit

GigantA PM
GigantB PM

Golden Slime (ゴールデンスライム)Edit

GoldenSlimeA PM
GoldenSlimeB PM

Golden Wolf (ゴールデンウルフ)Edit

GoldenWolfA PM
GoldenWolfB PM

Golem (ゴーレム)Edit

GolemA PM
GolemB PM

Golem 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Golem 2 Princess Minerva

Gorgon (ゴーゴン)Edit

GorgonA PM
GorgonB PM

Grassdrago (グラスドラゴ)Edit

GrassdragoA PM
GrassdragoB PM

Grass Drago 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Grass Drago 2 Princess Minerva

Great Raiden (グレートライデン)Edit

GreatRaidenA PM
GreatRaidenB PM

Griffon (グリフォン)Edit

GriffonA PM
GriffonB PM

Griffon 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Griffon 2 Princess Minerva

Grizzly (グリズリー)Edit

GrizzlyA PM
GrizzlyB PM

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