Listed below, are the female regular enemies (Q through Y) encountered in "Princess Minerva" (プリンセス・ミネルバ), a 1994 PC Engine CD fantasy RPG by Red Company.

Regular Enemies A through G

Regular Enemies H through P

Queen (クイーン)Edit

Queen 1 Princess Minerva
QueenB PM

Queen Bee (クイーン・ビー)Edit

QueenBeeA PM
QueenBeeB PM

Queen Sepias (クイーンセピアス)Edit

QueenSepiasA PM
QueenSepiasB PM

Raiden (ライデン)Edit

RaidenA PM
RaidenB PM

Rasetsu (ラセツ)Edit

RasetsuA PM
RasetsuB PM

Red Mantis (レッドマンティス)Edit

RedMantisA PM
RedMantisB PM

Rommel (ロンメル)Edit

RommelA PM
RommelB PM

Rommel 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Rommel 2 Princess Minerva

Rosemary (ローズマリー)Edit

RosemaryA PM
RosemaryB PM

Rouge Skeleton (ルージュスケルトン)Edit

RougeSkeletonA PM
RougeSkeletonB PM

Saber Cat (サーベルキャット)Edit

SaberCatA PM
SaberCatB PM

Sadist (サディスト)Edit

SadistA PM
SadistB PM

Samurai (サムライ)Edit

SamuraiA PM
SamuraiB PM

Samurai Master (サムライマスター)Edit

SamuraiMasterA PM
SamuraiMasterB PM

Sand Scorpion (サンドスコーピヨン)Edit

SandScorpionA PM
SandScorpionB PM

Sand Snake (サンド・スネーク)Edit

SandSnakeA PM
SandSnakeB PM

Sand Snake 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Sand Snake 2 Princess Minerva

Scorpion (スコーピオン)Edit

ScorpionA PM
ScorpionB PM

Sea Serpent (シーサーペント)Edit

SeaSerpentA PM
SeaSerpentB PM

Sepias (セピアス)Edit

SepiasA PM
SepiasB PM

Shaman (シャーマン)Edit

ShamanA PM
ShamanB PM

Shino Odoriko (死のおどり子)Edit

DancerOfDeathA PM

aka. "Dancer Girl of Death"

DancerOfDeathB PM

Shinoresu (シノレス)Edit

ShinoresuA PM
ShinoresuB PM

Shinoresu 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Shinoresu 2 Princess Minerva

Silver Slime (シルバースライム)Edit

SilverSlimeA PM
SilverSlimeB PM

Silver Wolf (シルバーウルフ)Edit

SilverWolfA PM
SilverWolfB PM

Siren (セイレーン)Edit

SirenA PM
SirenB PM

Skeleton (スケルトン)Edit

SkeletonA PM
SkeletonB PM

Skeleton Knight (スケルトンナイト)Edit

SkeletonKnightA PM
SkeletonKnightB PM

Slave (スレイブ)Edit

SlaveA PM
SlaveB PM

Slime (スライム)Edit

SlimeA PM
SlimeB PM

Snow Girl (スノーガール)Edit

SnowGirlA PM
SnowGirlB PM

Snow Girl 2 (スノーガール2)Edit

SnowGirl2A PM
SnowGirl2B PM

Soccer Gappa (サッカーガッパ)Edit

SoccerGappaA PM
SoccerGappaB PM

Sorcerer (ソーサラー)Edit

SorcererA PM
SorcererB PM

Soul Eater (ソウルイーター)Edit

SoulEaterA PM
SoulEaterB PM

Sumo Wrestler (スモウレスラー)Edit

SumoWrestlerA PM
SumoWrestlerB PM

Super Mummy (スーパーマミー)Edit

SuperMummyA PM
SuperMummyB PM

Saber Tiger (サーベルタイガー)Edit

SuperTigerA PM
SuperTigerB PM

Terror Dancer (テラーダンサー)Edit

TerrorDancerA PM
TerrorDancerB PM

Thunder Knight (サンダーナイト)Edit

ThunderKnightA PM
ThunderKnightB PM

Tiamat (ティアマト)Edit

TiamatA PM
TiamatB PM

Tiamat 1 Princess Minerva

Super Famicom version

Tiamat 2 Princess Minerva

Tritonia (トリトーニア)Edit

TritoniaB PM
TritoniaA PM

Ultra DX Mummy (ウルトラDXマミー)Edit

UltraDXMummyA PM
UltraDXMummyB PM

Ultra Mummy (ウルトラマミー)Edit

UltraMummyA PM
UltraMummyB PM

Undine (ウンディーネ)Edit

UndineA PM
UndineB PM

Ushasu (ウシャス)Edit

UshasuA PM
UshasuB PM

Vajuto (ヴァジュト)Edit

VajutoA PM
VajutoB PM

Valkyrie (バルキリー)Edit

ValkyrieA PM
ValkyrieB PM

Valkyrie Blue (バルキリーブルー)Edit

ValkyrieBlueA PM
ValkyrieBlueB PM

VooDoo (ブードゥ)Edit

VooDooA PM
VooDooB PM

Water Leaper (ウォーターリーパー)Edit

WaterLeaperA PM
WaterLeaperB PM

Were-Jaguar (ワージャガー)Edit

WereJaguarA PM
WereJaguarB PM

Wild Cat (ワーイルドキャット)Edit

WildCatA PM
WildCatB PM

Wild Pirate (ワイルドパイレーツ)Edit

WildPirateA PM
WildPirateB PM

Wyvern (ワイバーン)Edit

WyvernA PM
WyvernB PM

Yakushi (ヤクシー)Edit

YakushiA PM
YakushiB PM

Yakuto Scorpion (ヤクトスコーピオン)Edit

YakutoScorpionA PM
YakutoScorpionB PM

Unknown NamesEdit

Unknown 1 Princess Minerva
Unknown 2 Princess Minerva

Unknown 3 Princess Minerva

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