The female regular enemies encountered in the 1991 Mega CD music RPG "Wakusei Woodstock: Funky Horror Band" (惑星ウッドストック ファンキーホラーバンド) are listed below.

Groupie (グルーピ)Edit

Encountered in the overworld in chapters 1 and 5.

Groupie FHB

Bikku Sensu (ビック せんす)Edit

Encountered in the final dungeon.

BikkuSensu 1 - Funky Horror Band

Juice Priest (ジュース プリースト)Edit

Encountered in the final dungeon.

JuicePriest 1 - Funky Horror Band

Elf Smith (エルフ スミス)Edit

Encountered in the final dungeon.

Elf Smith 1 - Funky Horror Band

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