Zoe Mercado

The villainous Zoe Mercado

Zoe Mercado (Lauren Vélez) is the tertiary villainess from Elementary episode 4.20: "Art Imitating Art." She is a villainous lab technician who was hired by the evil Christa Pullman to work on the body of a woman named Marissa Kagan, who was revealed to be Christa's illicit lover. Zoe was hired by Christa because she is a "dry labber"; manipulating reports to make sure police arrest who they believe committed the murder.

Zoe's actions led to Lewis Bowman being convicted of Marissa's murder. In actuality, it was Christa's wife, Terri, who killed Marissa in a jealous rage. Zoe was interrogated by Sherlock and Gregson over her actions, and though her fate was not revealed, the evil Zoe (assumingly) was arrested for her role in covering up Terri's murderous deed.

Trivia Edit

  • Lauren Vélez was credited under her middle name, Luna, in the episode.
  • Lauren Vélez is known for her villainous role in Dexter, portraying the evil Maria LaGuerta.

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